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First things first - we love Caribbean food and are committed to spreading its delights far and wide.

We use traditional ways of Caribbean cooking, fused with modern twists, making it both tasty and wholesome.

Francique Caribbean Cuisine is led by me, Paulette - cook, wife, mother and grandmother. I am originally from Jamaica and learned my culinary skills from both my grandmother and my mother, at an early age.  I have developed my expertise over the years by cooking for family, friends and at special events.  I am mainly supported by my mother-in-law, Merlynne, who was born in Trinidad & Tobago.  Merlynne is a very experienced and creative cook. She makes the best rotis and pastelles I have ever tasted and she is particularly good at baking. We are supported by other family members who also bring in a Grenadian element.  We're 3 generations with over half a century of cooking experience and even more years of eating experience. So I thought, 'why don't I set something up?' and Francique Caribbean Cuisine was born.

Together, we create delicious meals - fresh to order - using top quality ingredients, which include organic, free-range and fair trade ingredients wherever possible - often selected during visits to local farmers' markets and other certified suppliers.  We also limit the use of refined sugars, processed foods, salt and fat.  Organic products differ vastly from non-organic produce.   Animals are neither given hormones nor antibiotics and are not force-fed.  Many organically raised animals are grass-fed, have more freedom to roam and so have a lower fat content.  Organic farming methods are also less disruptive to local ecosystems and less dependent on chemicals.

Our Caribbean menu

Caribbean food is a culinary melting pot, which has drawn on many, many influences over the years, from the original inhabitants (including Arawaks and Caribs), African slaves and indentured Indian and Chinese labourers to Syrian merchants, European slavers, sailors and traders. All have contributed spices, vegetables, fruits and cooking methods - which combined create the ultimate fusion food. Out of many, one pot!

Plantain Medley

We have developed a menu, which caters for a range of palates - you'll find hot, spicy, sweet and savoury dishes.  We also keep an eye on cooking trends both in Europe and in the Caribbean.

We are passionate about good food and believe that no matter how busy your life is, tasty wholesome food is not a luxury but an essential part of your wellbeing.

Our menu offers a varied selection of fish, meats and vegetarian options. We use produce which is available seasonally and so, some of our dishes will not be available all year round, but are replaced with mouth-watering alternatives.  For those of you with less carnivorous inclinations, we are particularly keen to support the global 'Meatless Monday' campaign with our sumptuous vegetarian options.

Start today and make our Caribbean cuisine a regular part of your life.


Thanks once again for a fantastic evening, everyone really enjoyed the ambiance and the food. Brett

We had a wonderful, wonderful time. We felt we were having a special evening! So lovely to share music with you and your lovely man. The food was delicious! Liz & Friends

Thanks to both yourself and Jed for a lovely meal and your kind hospitality. Everyone had a great time and loved the food. Hazi & Umi

Another cracking night enjoyed by all! Nigel

The evening was one of the best we've experienced; it took us right out of the malaise that seems to have been around for sometime. The company, the setting, the menu, the introduction to the courses and the lightness and freshness were exemplary. Hugh and Tina

My mum Winsome said that she really enjoyed the evening, very relaxed environment with good company. The food was so good, the ice cold water was just perfect and would like to do it more often!

I agree, brilliant night, food was amazing along with the company! Janine and Winsome

I have just experienced THE best Caribbean meal ever, courtesy of @FranciqueCarib - my guests agree! Utterly amazing!

And @FranciqueCarib delivered to my door - I felt like I was back in the Caribbean! :-) Thank you so much Paulette!!!! :-)

@FranciqueCarib Absolutely second to none Paulette! They've taken your details & also want me 2 arrange another get together just for the food!

Via Twitter - Chrissa


Well what a wonderful Saturday evening. Your hospitality was first class made both my wife and I feel very comfortable, almost as if we had known you and your husband for yonks!

I could tell that a lot of love, effort and time went into the food. It was all wonderful, just enough spice, seasoning and je ne sais quoi! The best bit was relaxing at the end of the evening to get to know you both a bit better.

I am busy arranging my next visit. Keep up the great work and you have our support. Steve


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